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Emprendedores, inversionistas y filántropos, acompáñenme en un viaje para buscar acuerdos en las economías de más rápido crecimiento del mundo.

Clark Varin with kids in Uganda


7-17 de noviembre de 2021

Como el país más emprendedor del mundo y la "América de África", Uganda es un lugar de oportunidades sin precedentes. El país alberga la ciudad de urbanización más rápida del mundo, la segunda población más joven del mundo y una tasa de crecimiento del PIB que supera la de Estados Unidos en cualquier momento de la historia.

Elephant in Wild

En Uganda vamos a...


7-17 de noviembre de 2021

As the USA and Europe are on the brink of the biggest economic crashes in history, investors are seeking places to invest their money with strong macro-economic principles that will continue to grow during a global economic contraction. Africa in general is booming as it goes through an industrial revolution with Uganda leading the way as one of the most attractive countries for foreign investors.

Rapid Economic Growth 

Faster than any period in the USA’s history.

World’s Fastest Growth Real Estate Market

Offering high returns for developers.

Business Friendly

Very little corruption in the private sector.

Booming Population

Creating expanding markets and opportunities.

World’s Most Entrepreneurial Country

Offering high returns to MSME lenders.

Foreign Investor Friendly

Strong legal and property rights protection.

Expanding Middle Class

Meaning consumers with disposable income.

Resource Rich

Home to one of the world’s largest gold, oil, and mineral reserves.

English Speaking

The official language of business.


Compound investments tax-free.

Growing Currency

Outpacing USD for the majority of the last three years.

Reasons To Love Uganda!

One of my rules is that I have to LOVE a country before I ever consider doing business there and the first time that I went to Uganda I fell completely in love! Here’s a small list of reason why I love Uganda:

☺️ Friendliest People — The people are the friendliest and most welcoming people I’ve ever met.

❤️ Giving & Grateful — Ugandans taught me the importance of giving and gratitude. They are unbelievably grateful for even the smallest gesture.

🥰 Non-Materialistic — Their joy, despite their poverty, reminded that happiness does not come from material things and the most important things in life are not material.

🙌🏼 Extraordinary Service —  They have very close attention to detail when it comes to service and hospitality and will never let you carry your own bag.

🤗 Extremely Safe — The crime rate is extremely low and Moses is like an angel guardian who would never let anything bad happen.

☀️ Perfect Weather — It’s on the equator and east of Congo’s mountains making it 70-80F (~25-30C) and sunny year round with occasional light showers.

🐒 Stunning Nature — It’s the most biodiverse country in Africa. The Nile River runs right through it. It borders Lake Victoria and the mountains of the Congo.

☕️ Coffee — It’s fantastic, locally grown, and some of the best in the world.

🎭 Cultural Diversity — They have 52 different languages that all come from different tribes with different traditional dances, music, and ways of dressing.

Entrepreneurial Spirit — I love the energy of hard work and opportunity. The city lights up the hustler inside of me and leaves me motivated to work hard.

🐟 Headwaters Of The Nile River — By far the best whitewater rafting I’ve ever done, plus adds stunning scenery and totally unique wildlife.

🏝️ Lake Victoria — Africa’s largest lake, offering lake-life activities, beaches, and an endless supply of freshwater fish.

🦁 Safari Animals — Lions, elephants, giraffes, rhinos, hippos, gorillas, chimpanzees, baboons, you name it. Going on a safari in Uganda is the experience of a lifetime.

💸 Economic Opportunity — When I’m in Uganda, I see business opportunities everywhere. It’s investor paradise. A little money goes a long way and grows quickly.

Meet Moses

My Business Partner, Your Tour Guide

Moses grew up as an orphan in Uganda during an AIDS epidemic shortly after his country was ripped apart by war. Today he’s building the seed of an empire and provides free education for over 1,000 kids. He represents the epitome of “mind over matter”. Even if we didn’t talk about investments or go on any safaris the trip would be worth it just to spend a week with him. I revere this man more than anyone else on the planet. He’s the most trustworthy and ethical person I have ever met and I look up to him in every way. He’s also kind and gentle and makes all of his guests in Uganda feel so comforted, protected, and welcome. He’s my hero and I love the man more than what I can put into words. I can't wait for you to meet him!

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